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Default UFC press conference summary

Tito is back, Possibly fighting Mark Coleman as a "ring rust" fight.

Vitor Belfort and Rich Franklin headlining 103 @ LHW

ESPN deal signed for the UK

Dan Lauzon, Ben Rothwell, Chase Gormley, and Paul Daley all coming to the UFC.

Dan Henderson likely to get next shot @ Anderson Silva

Dana White: M-1's going to "co-promote"? They're going to help US? "That **** probably works in Russia. Not here

Tito Ortiz: "You'll never hear anything about money out of my mouth again."

ESPN Deal is a 3 year deal starting with UFC101, Free in the UK in HiDef

Dana White: UFC will go everywhere, including Russia. We can't be stopped.

White: We're coming to Japan. It can't be stopped.

Dana White: Dan Henderson is definitely next in line for the UFC middleweight title. Maia-Marquardt winner could be next after that.

White: nobody wants to see Mayweather vs. Marquez. Fans want to see Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.

Tito Ortiz: "I wish the UFC would give fighters gimme fights, but they don't."

Tito: the last time my back felt healthy was UFC 40 against Ken Shamrock.

Dana White: I wanted to sign Fedor so badly, and I was so sure it was going to happen.

Tito on fight with Lesnar: "I'd give it a try".

White: the deal that White said "would change the UFC forever" is "very close" to happening and NOT the Tito Ortiz deal.
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