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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks
And they made THE MOST MONEY EVER!!! and SOLD OUT!!!!
and you can bet they want to do it again,,Dana must be sitting in his office and ringing the crap out of his hands and laughing his head off at the same time,,
honestly he couldn't have dreamed this stuff up and now the only stumbling block would be to get BJ to agree to another fight,,WHO WOULDN'T WATCH IT,,
all the BJ fans that think Georges cheated their fighter out of a title would be lined up around the block to watch their man kill GSP,or at least decapitate him,and all the GSP fans would love to see BJ get his asss kick again just for the laughs,,and GSP himself would love nothing better to get another easy pay day and this time the beating will be worse(GSPs comments not mine)so i say what the heck,,come on out from under the bed BJ and lets get this thing signed,,

Ive got 45 bucks just burning a hole in my pocket,, so lets get it spent,,
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