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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
not recently? his last three opponents were #6, #3 and would have been #2 had Barnett not failed his drug test. that's recent to me.
Josh never happened so we can't include that....

The other two fights illustrate how small the pond is, not how big the fish is.

The HW division is weak inside and definitely outside of the UFC. Fedor has built his legend off of great victories over top ranked opponents YEARS ago... since then he's just living off residuals brother...

1 fight so far in '09, 1 fight in all of '08, 2 fights in '07 & '06... not exactly tearing up the joint. AA is the only fighter of any merit he's fought recently.

Tim... lost 4 out of his last 5 fights NOT counting getting his ass handed to him by a fat and out of shape Ray Mercer....

Hong??? Well he IS 2-2 with a very impressive win against a baseball player!

Matt... a solid fighter but far from elite...

Hunt... currently 5-6 riding an impressive 5 fight losing streak... FAR from elite.

Coleman... solid fighter... probably the most elite on the list of Fedors recent fights...

Like I've said probably a 100 times before on this board... I think Fedor is a very good fighter... maybe even a great one... but he's not the P4P IMO and he's not nearly as good as all of his fans make him out to be. Perhaps he was a few years ago ('03-'06) but not recently.

He's a very skilled fighter in the least skilled weight class in MMA. Until he's in the UFC he's more myth then legit to me. And before this fight happens IF it ever happens.... beating Brock wouldn't do much to change my opinion of Fedor. The albino gorilla is a riddle waiting to be solved... once it is... he's gone.. perhaps for good.
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