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Default Fedor Emelianenko was not offered $30 million, six-fight UFC contract …


“I can say that the guaranteed — and the word ‘guaranteed’ is of great importance here — the guaranteed offer made by the UFC is less than what Fedor made before. The five-million (per fight) is way, way, way out of range. Half of that is even way out of range of what they offered…. And there were a number of provisions attached to that offer that made it very much less interesting. We made it clear that Fedor, now and forever is part, even part owner, of M-1 and those two cannot be separated. If the rest of M-1 is excluded from any kind of deal, it makes the deal difficult…. We had a very professional, productive and respectful meeting with the UFC. I think both parties walked away (knowing) even though a deal wasn’t made, that a very decent meeting was had.”

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