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Originally Posted by F34R
Money isn't everything. Having control over your own decisions is a lot more important to some.

Tell me that Bocks has any control what he does at this point, regarding fighting. The UFC is notoriously strict on their fighters as to what they can and can not do, most of it can be found here. I think Fedor is #1, and until someone beats him, everyone else will be #2.

*Waring foul language children look away

IF your believing the rumors the only thing not being given to Fedor that was requested is M-1 co promotion which is horse **** and I don't think they should get it anyway.. Fedor is getting ALOT and he is worth it in skill and fights but definately not in PPV buys at this moment. Lesnar is worth more money then Fedor.

I love Fedor but his manager is driving me ****ing crazy. I want to fight Vadim. I want to put him to sleep and watch him crap himself for being such a bastard.
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