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Originally Posted by atomdanger
I love Fedor to death, but if that was the other he is a MORON for not taking it.

Not just the money, but they will let him promote / use M - 1 logos,
has the UFC ever done that for anybody? ever?

It also sort of pisses me off that Vadim talks about m - 1 as though it is on the same level as the ufc,
he says they have millions and want to share costs and share profits with the UFC.
M - 1 does shows in Casino's with 500 people watching, why would the UFC let them just step into sharing profits?
and how on earth does M - 1 have millions of dollars? lol
i agree. m-1 is a joke. it took the ufc years to get to where its at why should this so called fight promotion reap those kinds of benefits for not really doing anything except sticking their logo on a cage or ring? they have fedor and thats it. if history has told us anything its that having your so called company depend on one fighter is not gonna get you anywhere. they have a forum and it has pictures of ufc fighters next to the m-1 logo as if they were m-1 fighters.
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