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Originally Posted by County Mike
I think it depends on your definition of racist. To me, anything that is based on race is racist. That doesn't make it wrong. The word "racist" has taken on a negative tone that isn't completely warranted. "Chinese History" is racist if you're talking about the Chinese people and not events in China. However it should be taught as part of any history. Same as American History or whatever else you feel is relevant. Don't always think of the word "racist" as a bad thing. I think that's where the major dispute on this topic is coming from.

"African American Studies" is a racist course, but that doesn't mean it's not worth teaching/learning. I brought up the fact that he teaches these courses because it could help show his pre-conceived mindset on basing things (like his being questioned) on race. If he taught simple science or math, I wouldn't have made the same conclusion.
so when you say racist, do you mean discriminatory? ah forget it .. i think i know what you mean ...
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