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I like how Vadim attempts to give the impression M-1 is something more then a logo on Fedors shorts or a flea riding on the back of something much larger. Idiot. I am so pissed right now..

One can def make the arguement that M-1 is keeping Fedor away from the UFC to protect their ONLY asset, no doubt about that now. Sad, I tip my hat to the UFC, they tried, its Fedor Inc. that arent making this happen.

I say if Fedor goes undefeated for 6 fights, instead of making a clause saying he cant leave, all fights from there on end would be co-promo fights until he loses. I think that would benefit everyboody. As for making every fight with Fedor in the UFC a co-promo event, thats what one would call "Putin politics" AKA Crazy f(&*^$% Russian Supremacism.

I think Fedor Inc. has let down MMA, hard.
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