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Man , if this is true my hat is off to Dana White for trying his best. THat contract "if its real" is a landmark in iteself in the sport of mma.

Dana and the Fighters and the whole Zuffa crew has fought and struggled and played hard ball EXTREMELY WELL to build thir company to what it is today. Im with Dana on this one , there is no way id let another co. slap thier name on mine just because of one man .

We all know where the best competition in the world is , Fedors mgt claims he is number one , DW has done everything but offer up his own company , He is offered more money and rights wise than any fighter in the history of this sport and more than will probably be offered for a very long time , And vladim is going to shove this m-1 crap down Danas throat ? no way Dana , youve done your best and us as fans thank you , youve done more than was expected to make this happen and apparently they are just to greedy to deal with.
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