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Originally Posted by Neezar
I would take my child to the Mayo Clinic. I'm not an idiot.

HE didn't do the research himself. So, his input is conjecture and not being questioned as to whether it is fact or not. He pulled the research from others (Such as WHO, British Medical Researchers, etc.) and compiled his book on vaccinations and referenced the researchers.

Whether I would use a real medical doctor or a homeopath has no bearing whatsoever on whether vaccines gave humans a monkey virus.
Well, Neezar, I think we're going to have to amicably agree to disagree. In my opinion, the guy cherrypicks information from sources that would likely be horrified by the distortion he is committing with their research. At least you vaccinate your kid and would have the good sense to seek proper medical care; unfortunately, there are people out there that will refuse vaccines and medical care for their children. Those are the people I am concerned about and the reason I kept this thread going for so long.
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