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Originally Posted by Play The Man
Peer-reviewed means he has submitted a work of science to a reputable journal and had it reviewed by a panel of scientists, who examine every sentence, every graph, all the statistics and all the references. It is not uncommon for submissions to be rejected. Even submissions that are accepted are revised multiple times in an attempt to weed out any errors. I would bet that his book is either self-published or published by a quack publishing house. I would bet that the book is not taught in allopathic medical schools. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

As for the pony-tail remark, I wasn't necessarily referring to the author you quoted (and I don't know if he really lives in a van down by the river) I was just suggesting to be careful about where you get medical advice. I have a question for you: If your child was deathly ill with an unknown disease and getting worse by the minute, if you had a choice, would you fly your child to the Mayo Clinic or would you fly your child to that author's Oriental medicine/acupuncture/homeopathic clinic? (Answer honestly! And no dodging the question!)
I would take my child to the Mayo Clinic. I'm not an idiot.

HE didn't do the research himself. So, his input is conjecture and not being questioned as to whether it is fact or not. He pulled the research from others (Such as WHO, British Medical Researchers, etc.) and compiled his book on vaccinations and referenced the researchers.

Whether I would use a real medical doctor or a homeopath has no bearing whatsoever on whether vaccines gave humans a monkey virus.
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