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Originally Posted by Play The Man
It would be a fool's errand to try to follow the references of Neustaedter's article. It is not peer-reviewed. During the peer-review process, all of the references are checked and double-checked. In my opinion, what he wrote is "junk" science. His youngest example is 90 years old. All the examples take place in foreign countries where it would literally require someone to hop on an airplane and search foreign libraries to verify his statistics. In cases where claims of this ilk have been traced back to the source, it is invariably a late 19th century monograph by an anti-vaccine crank who never submitted his data for peer review.

Not peer reviewed? He is the author of The Vaccine Guide: Risks and benefits for children and adults. The book has been used as a reference by other doctors writing articles that have been published in medical journals. The book is used in classes taught in medical schools when learning of the great vaccine debate.

His sources and references are clearly listed in the book. Most of them are pretty common ones such as WHO, British Medical Journal, ones that are most likely easily found online so no backpacking to foreign lands. (The internet IS great!) lol

And he doesn't have a pony tail. He is bald.
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