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Originally Posted by Play The Man
I think you need to read up on the subject a bit more. Variolization has been practiced for at least a millenium. Jenner introduced vaccination with cowpox in 1796. Vaccinia vaccination was introduced in the 19th century. As I mentioned, Smallpox is estimated to have killed at least 300 million people (possibly 500 million people) in the 20th century alone. Your statement, "smallpox was already on the decline, even before the vaccine came out" is absolute nonsense. I suppose the steep drop in the number of cases of other vaccine-preventable disease is a coincidence as well?

Some don't credit the vaccines with the steep drop in the spread of communicable diseases as much as education. They were taking drastic other measures and were beginning to understand how these things were spread and how to prevent it. I may look into that when I get time.

I do know that vaccines have spread diseases from monkeys to humans.

edit: Just a little tid bit if your interested, I know a couple of families who don't get their children vaccinated and they are medical doctors.
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