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Originally Posted by Play The Man
The occupation of police officer has a high rate of morbidity and mortality. When a cop kisses his wife good-bye and goes off to work, he knows that there is a real chance that he may not make it home alive from his shift. Cops give orders, not suggestions, because from the moment they have contact with a suspect, they must be in control, to have the best odds of going home safely after their shift. They must present a figure of authority. The policeman always thinks in the back of his mind that the suspect could be armed. Cops often have to be "jerks" to show dominance over a belligerent suspect and get a suspect to "back down" before a situation escalates to violence. For example, the Cambridge police officer pulled out his handcuffs and warned Gates that he would be arrested. Showing the handcuffs was a show of force, to warn Gates to settle down. He didn't heed the warning.

If a citizen is mistreated by a policeman, he has the option to file a complaint. Gates should have complied with the officer and then filed a complaint, if he felt he was not treated fairly.

I have been treated rudely by police officers; however, I guess I don't have such a sense of self-importance that I feel that I have to disobey them to demonstrate that I am a man. I respect the police. I appreciate police officers and I will defend them when they are treated unfairly.
Ok fair enough. I personally know a few cops, and I dont beleive that you need to induce what seems to be FEAR in order to be dominat and have power... I think being able to weild RESPECT is power. Anyway, I can see what your saying from that perspective.

But being a cop who likes to really assert his/her dominance isnt to far from crossing the line....and many cops do, its just the way it is. True, people can file a complaint afterwards, but thats not what is going through your head when you feel your beeing spoken down to by a guy who has a badge on his chet and gun at his waist. Anway just my two cents.
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