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Originally Posted by mscomc
what if during their conversation, that COP really was being a jerk? I think we have all met those kind of cops....ones who just like to try and flex their muscle and act like the big bad boss
The occupation of police officer has a high rate of morbidity and mortality. When a cop kisses his wife good-bye and goes off to work, he knows that there is a real chance that he may not make it home alive from his shift. Cops give orders, not suggestions, because from the moment they have contact with a suspect, they must be in control, to have the best odds of going home safely after their shift. They must present a figure of authority. The policeman always thinks in the back of his mind that the suspect could be armed. Cops often have to be "jerks" to show dominance over a belligerent suspect and get a suspect to "back down" before a situation escalates to violence. For example, the Cambridge police officer pulled out his handcuffs and warned Gates that he would be arrested. Showing the handcuffs was a show of force, to warn Gates to settle down. He didn't heed the warning.

If a citizen is mistreated by a policeman, he has the option to file a complaint. Gates should have complied with the officer and then filed a complaint, if he felt he was not treated fairly.

I have been treated rudely by police officers; however, I guess I don't have such a sense of self-importance that I feel that I have to disobey them to demonstrate that I am a man. I respect the police. I appreciate police officers and I will defend them when they are treated unfairly.
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