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[QUOTE=Play The Man][FONT="Times New Roman"][SIZE="4"]Your post was long and is being responded to in pieces. Please be patient.

I have found that when people are losing an argument, they resort to ad hominem attacks. Don't you?

It is not an attack, it was an oppinion. If I wanted to attack you, I certainly would have been more vulgar about it, but I am not.

And you are defending the working-class cop? So gates isnt working class? The guy doesnt have to work for his money. That guy didnt have to pull himself up by his bootstraps and work hard to earn a pHD, and then no doubt had to work even harder to obtain a tenured position at HARVARD!!!.

And another thing, its good to defend the cop, as I encourage trying to see things from another persective, but do you honestly thinks that COPS can do no wrong? HMMM? And another thing, I to would have tried to argue from the cops perspective if I felt that was they way this thread was going. But most people on this thread, from what i read, were already agreeing with the cop, so I was trying to give a voice from Gates' perspective.
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