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Originally Posted by mscomc
From Moot to Ergo? nice use of vocabulary. Well ok, maybe you think my point is moot, even though you have yet to discuss with me the rest of what I tried to say; you know about past experiences gates may have had with cops, and how there are cops who do like to try and flex their muslce and little etc etc etc but hey, we cant force people to engage in such debate.

Maybe my point is moot....but hey,thanks for sounding like a stuck up snob about it while cleverly trying to act slightly articulate.
Your post was long and is being responded to in pieces. Please be patient.

I have found that when people are losing an argument, they resort to ad hominem attacks. Don't you?

Exempli gratia:

From Moot to Ergo? nice use of vocabulary
thanks for sounding like a stuck up snob

I find it ironic that you are defending the actions of Gates, a Harvard professor, who yelled in a beat cop's face, "Don't You Know Who I am!!"; yet, you attack me a "stuck up snob" because I am arguing with you and defending the actions of a working-class beat cop. If anyone's actions are that of a "stuck up snob", they are the actions of Gates, a man whose actions you are defending.
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