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Originally Posted by flo
GSP has beat him twice, I don't think they'd give him another shot. It sounds like sour grapes to me. Sheesh, GSP kicked Matt TWICE in the, um, groin and Matt just went on with the fight. Now BJ is accusing GSP of being too lubricated? They do check that before the fighter enters the octagon, don't they?? I wish he would just accept his loss, I'm no expert but he looked absolutely gassed the last round.

Here's the latest, GSP hasn't commented yet...
well in fairness, flo, GSP's corner was caught twice, rubbing vaseline on his chest, shoulders and back. they had to wipe it off twice. that won't get rid of the vaseline though. soap and water will. no one told Penn's corner until after the fight, that GSP was, in fact, using vaseline on his body.

and Matt has come out and said, i believe it was 2 years ago originally, that GSP felt greasy or slippery.
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