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Originally Posted by Play The Man
The woman making the phone call and the woman that initially saw the "break-in" are two different people. The caller was told by an elderly neighbor of Gate's that she witnessed a "break-in". The caller was asked by the dispatcher in "real time" about the race of the suspects. At the moment he asked her (the caller, not the neighbor who had seen the "break-in"), she could not clearly see the skin tone of one of the men. Your point is entirely moot, however, because Gates told the police that he and his driver were trying to force the door open with a shoulder because the door was malfunctioning. It was an honest mistake by an alert neighbor and it could have been dealt with in less than one minute if Gates cooperated. If it happened to me, I probably would have had a good laugh about it - it would be a good story to tell.
My point is moot? Did you not read my post correctly or something? or did you just pick and choose what to read? Right after i commented on the "obstructed view" topic, i said that this was NOT really the point i wanted to make, and I then posted more things right after, to try and give another perspective to the story. The second part of my most occupied about 90% of what I was trying to get across.
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