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Originally Posted by Play The Man
I saw a segment on cable news with an interview with the lawyer of the woman that called the police (yes, she has been so intimidated by the experience that she hired a lawyer to speak for her). The woman that called the police never mentioned the race of the two men entering the home. The dispatcher asked the caller about race and she replied that she thought that one was Hispanic and couldn't tell the race of the other man (Gates) because her view was obstructed. (As a point of clarification, the neighbor that first spotted the "break-in" was elderly and didn't have a cell phone; she asked a passer-by to call on her cellphone). A Hispanic and a Black police officer arrived part-way into the incident and they are supporting the White officer's story. The available police transcripts support the officer, as well. I think the thing that precipitated the arrest was when Gates responded to the officer's request to speak outside on the porch with the reply: "Ya', I'll speak to your Mama outside." All the Professor had to do was pull out his wallet and hand over his driver's license with his address on it. Gates escalated the whole incident. A policeman shouldn't have to put up with insults to his mother.
Yeah, I've had the same thing where I called in to report something and the operator/dispatcher asked me the race of the person. They need a description to tell the cops responding who/what to look for.
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