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Originally Posted by County Mike
I was wondering when this topic would come up.

Police respond to a burglary call and find this guy inside the house.
He refuses to provide identification - calling the cop a racist instead.
Once he finally does prove that he's the homeowner, the cops start to leave.
He follows them, berating them the whole time about being racist.
Finally, the cop warns him that he's being disorderly and if he doesn't stop, he'll be arrested.
He doesn't stop. He's arrested.
Obama makes a comment about the cop acting stupidly for arresting the homeowner.
Cop refuses to apologize. He was doing his job.
Turns out, the cop is also the instructor for racial sensitivity training and has been for about 9 years.

He did no wrong. He simply questioned a suspect and then arrested a disorderly person. If the professor had just shown ID when first questioned it would have been a non-issue.

If your description is accurate I don't see a single problem.
Other than Obama commenting.
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