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Originally Posted by Play The Man
I started a thread in the "Woodshed" titled "He Said/V.I.P. Said" but it didn't take off; probably because the thread title wasn't clear about the subject matter. The post links to an excellent column by Mark Steyn about the Gates/Cambridge Cop incident.

I find it ironic that Obama has spent his first 6 months in office going from country to country apologizing for the past actions of America; yet, on a personal level, he will not publicly apologize to a police officer for bad-mouthing his actions before he had the facts. I find it ironic that Obama is quick to state that this police officer "acted stupidly", yet he will not criticize the actions of foreign leaders like Castro, Chavez, etc. Additionally, I find it ironic, that the black President of the United States, the black Governor of Massachusetts, the black mayor and a black Harvard professor all are attacking America for being racist; if America is so racist, how did they get into their positions of power, being that blacks make up only about 12-13% of the population?
Well, America is very racist 96% of black voters voted for Obama and on ly about 1 in 9 know his political stances.

So yes they are correct America is very racist.
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