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Originally Posted by MMeh

Seriously, thanks for posting this. I mentioned this in another Brock thread where I had been pretty critical of his actions after the Mir fight. I still think he crossed some lines, but it takes a mature individual to acknowledge that they've slipped, and I respect Brock for that. I'm guessing that interview is probably closer to his "home" personality, he came off way too genuine to make me even think he was trying to put on a good show. I still don't like the antics - the guy is an incredible fighter and I'd be fine with his fists doing the talking. But that interview was a nice look at who Brock Lesnar is outside the cage
Yeah, I've heard quite a few interviews of his other than done during UFC prefight tapings and after fights and he always seems to be much more chilled out. I think he gets a little too amped up when training for and actually fighting and lets his emotions get the better of him. I'm sure a lot of people get under his skin asking the same questions over an over.
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