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Originally Posted by Jonlion
Me and my friend have pondered that maybe someone like Rampage could beat Brock.

I know there is a huge weight difference but i feel Rampage has the wrestling knowledge to match brock similar to Randy but more importantly a deadly stand up game that far exceeds Coutore, Herring or Mir. That would make Brock more fearful and i feel Rampage wouldn't be frightened to come in and trade.

And i always thought that Chuck could of gone up and beaten Big Tim when he was in his dominant period.

You can shoot me down, maybe i am crazy but thoughts on this?????
you may be right people choose carwin because of the same reasons you pick rampage good wrestling and boxing skill wise rampage is a hell of alot better at boxing then eather but is his wrestling good enough.

rampage could pull it off but so could randy or carwin. (I say randy if given a nother shot)
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