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Originally Posted by F34R
The only place that he needs promotion would be the US. He's a legend in MMA everywhere else. The UFC doesn't have anything to do with his success and fame.

If Dana wants him, really wants him, then he would already be fighting in the UFC. Dana wants the appearance that he wants him, and that's all. Dana doesn't want Fedor to do what Fedor did to Tim and Andre to his top fighters in the Octagon. That's exactly what would happen too.
No one I know outside of the internet has heard of ANYONE other than the UFC when it comes to MMA. You cannot deny the UFC has more prestige than all other orginisations combined can you?

Maybe you're right about Dana, but Fedor Inc expects a lot. Tim and Andre...they were K'd outside of the Octagon after they had been kicked OUT of the UFC...your point is slightly valid.

I think some of the talent Fedor would be facing would indeed inspire Dana's confidence in his men.

We will see. Fedor Inc needs to humble themselves a little bit...they don't get to call the shots of the UFC. They have been offered what the UFC will give but it isn't good enough for them. Their loss.

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