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Originally Posted by atomdanger
I think Shogun is doing great, so is Rampage.
Nog is also doing fine, he lost one fight lol.
CC is the only one I would say didn't live up to the hype.

When has Fedor ever declared himself the best? Or the UFC HW Champ?
Fedor is extremely humble, and asking to compete in Sambo isn't so bad.
Rua has had a win over and over the hill Coleman and an over the hill Chuck...and that's supposed to grand lol?
I never mentioned Rampage.
I guess mediorce is fine your book. No had been losing to Herring and got his ass handed to him by Mir. Fedor is a humble guy, but his mnmgt not so much.
And you neglected to include "wandy" in there, who has had what we might call a less than spectacular career in the UFC thus far, yes?

Please consider England in your prayers!

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