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Originally Posted by Vizion
wow - they really hype Fedor don't they? What if he gets to the UFC and is Cro-Cop'd after said hype, (like with CC)??

Yea, they are not the same fighter, but still...Brock, Gonzaga, Carwin, of them will bring him low in time..
Originally Posted by Vizion
I think the UFC should offer Fedor a one fight contract against Lesnar to prove whether he can take the title. If he wins, Fedor gets his way, if he loses he is obligated to another 4 fights in the UFC.

Of course the money arrangements will need be favorable to Fedor.

As for the M1 thing, I think it is a lot to ask to have a co-event with them. Fedor Inc. should prove his worth in the Oct before he asks for them to bend around all his demands. Here I though Dana had an ego
Fedor doesn't need to prove anything. He is the best fighter in the world... he's proven that time and time again. He beat two of the UFC heavy weight champs already.
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