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Originally Posted by Mac
Im kinda doin a car in a subtle sort of way for the war vets , themed towards Vietnam. Back in the 60's was the Heyday for a certain type of race car known as a gasser. Straight axle , nose up , big motors and radiused wheel wells. The car is a 55 chevy , All the gassers had cool names so mines name is " Run Through The Jungle" one reason , Vietnam , and the second is the song by CCR. THe trunk lid will have a big POW/MIA , right in the middle. It all kinda ties in , the Era of the car , the style , the name and the Symbol. There is a short video of my progress so far on youtube done to the song.

Wow, Mac. That's awesome!! You just gained a few "cool" points for that, goodness knows you need some.


My son made this for me:
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