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Originally Posted by Rev
Dude, it happens pretty often with the National Guard down here. Judges give young men the "serve or serve" choice pretty regular in Washington Parish.
it happens here but with the others, im not 100% sure how they do it, but i have 2 step brothers both should of went to jail, both went military

the judge looks at the court file, pulls them aside with their lawyer and tells them they can either go through with the trial and take their chances, or they have 20 days to enlist in the military

step brother 1 had drug charges and theft, joined the navy where he was dishonorably discharged, and the federal gov then put him in jail anyway
step brother 2 same charges, but joined army, he is still in the military, but recently had some problems pop up (major problems stealing a base credit card) , and waiting to see what they do to him

i support our military 100%, donate to the different charities supporting our troops, and have nothing but respect for what they do, but like everything that carries a certain prestige with it, there are individuals that dont deserve to be there or recieve the honor associated with it, but it doesnt and shouldnt take away from the majority serving the country with the honor and integrity expected

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