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I am a critic of welfare, as it has been administered in this country, but I am not against the concept of helping my fellow man or supporting my community. I believe that certain people, such as children, mentally retarded people, severely mentally ill individuals, and people with physical handicaps that make employment extremely difficult (if not impossible) need support and help from other people. This help can come from government, charities, family, or other individuals; charities do it better than government, in my opinion, but government should be a backstop to prevent vulnerable people from suffering deprivation. I am against welfare for adult, able-bodied individuals. I think people need to be more generous to charities. I believe that, given a choice, people would probably send their kids to a private school vs. a public school. I wish school vouchers would get a fair trial on a large scale; school choice could shake things up and help make the public school system more accountable. I wish all parents would provide for their own child's education; however, unfortunately, there are too many irresponsible parents out there and pulling the plug on public funding of education, altogether, would leave many children growing up in ignorance and poverty, with no chance for upward mobility, due to the fault of the parents. Publicly-funded education, whether in a public school or via a voucher in a private school, at least gives a vulnerable child a lifeline.
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