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Just pay your taxes and stop complaining


Just refuse to pay your taxes and overthrow your Government

But stop complaining at having to either pay taxes, or help other people in some common aim. Stop talking like the narrow spectrum of homeschooling, or the broad spectrum of state/public schools are better/worse.

Dont even think of telling some of the parents on here what to do with their children. Do not even think of criticising some parents for the choices they have made for the best education for their children according to their own opinion...that would be your opinion, and it should stay inside you, since it has absolutely no bearing on anyones family but your own. That warning had better be followed, because if we have the same strife we had before, this time action will be taken pre-emptively think shock and awe people

At the end of the day it is rightful for you to pay taxes...what the Government spend that money on is, none of your business...just like what you choose to do privately is none of their business...or do the same rules not actually apply to you?
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