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Default one last case of critcal thinking and plain speaking.....

I'll put the disclaimer first on this thread. As I really really don't want to offend on this one. I have a little fun poking at people on the others but this one is all serious. I am not in anyway demeaning those like boomer and nate on here that have served. this is a serious thought, comment.

Why is it that everyone in the military is a "hero" nowadays?

You can take the druggiest loser whose life is nothing and he gets a choice of prison or the army and goes into the army and he is all of a sudden a hero? I do have ALOT of respect for those that served and have served, but doesn't it demean those that serve with distinction --the real heroes--when anyone who is in uniform gets red carpet treatment just for being in the armed services?

This is where I want to tread lightly... but i have family members in the armed services and they are compensated VERY well. It is a job. They are not volunteering. they actually aren't serving their country anymore than a mailman is. The armed services did THEM a huge favor, not them doing the country a huge favor.

I see those that actually volunteered (not "recruited") happily(not last resort) as the heroes. To my knowledge some people in the armed forces can't be trusted to be in combat zones. Doesn't it irk anyone else that we consider them heroes? How long and often has boomer been in combat zones? I think he is one of the heroes.

What about the many men that signed up after pearl harbor, even forty and fifty year old men, to just preserve our nations security. They would have went without pay, AND DID!

I dare say this issue is much like others.... It is what the motivation is that matters. I think in all honesty it would be hard for me to consider anyone a hero unless they would do it for free. I know I couldn't say that. But I know also that there are alot who can. Those are the heroes, not the ones who just hope to put in their time and get out and get 40,000 for a house or college education.

The sad part is how do you make the distinction this day and age?

That's just my two cents, I have been testing some theories lately on here, and this one has been bugging me for a while. So fire away!!!! I'm ready!
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