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Is Barack Obama trying to make Official, a National Health Service per chance

Incidently, as we are on the topic of Autism. I discovered a horrifying secret back in 2004.

Whilst I was setting up my Defence for Disciplinaries laid on me by Saint Paul's Cathedral, almost exactly 5 years ago to the day, I had to ask to see my Medical Records. Now these are mainly copies of the doctors notes and, most interestinglu of all, copies of letters sent by one doctor to another.

Now when I was quite young and exhibted self destructive cycles, I was taken to a child psychologist. I wasnt given any treatment, just a few ideals for how to cope with stuff. I assumed that was the end of it, when I came across a letter saying that the doctors and Child Psychologists had diagnosed what they believed was a mild form of Aspergers Syndrome...more to the point, in black and white "Suspected Diagnosis not revealed to Patient or Parents"

I've since changed so much I guess I just grew out of all the symptoms that they thought I might be exhibiting

See 16th July 2004 I was prosecuted by Major General John Milne on behalf of Canon Warner as a Member of Chapter.

I was Charged a second time July 26th 2004...on that date I was told that before the Trial I had to pass a medical examination on 30th July 2004....soooooo for that week I was checking my own medical records to prepare my defence. They couldnt gain access to my medical records without expressed writen permission BUT, if they asked, and I refused to sign them over, then they would use that as a sign of it was they never asked...because they didnt want that sorta complication with a dissmissal that might involve them money, they just wanted an excuse for a second Trial...that was eventually held on August 18th 2004 (It was delayed due to the fact the bloody prosecutor went on Holiday...INFACT what he did was Charge me, go away the next day, and return the day before the trial. Dissapointing when he was my Line Manager LOL

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