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Originally Posted by Bonnie
How do they explain a healthy normal child who gets vaccinated and then becomes autistic? This is what puzzles me. I think there must be something in certain people (in their genetic make-up) that predisposes them when given certain vaccines to autism. I just don't think they can "lump" every person together when they say there is no link whether to the thimerosal or something else within the vaccines that is reacting negatively to that person's body where the outcome is autism or some other disorder. They admit that the increase in autism "may" be due to certain factors and that they still do not know the cause of autism. So how can they 100% rule out that in certain individuals these vaccines might "trigger" something in their brains...

Autism cannot be diagnosed before a certain age. The timing of the vaccine was changed slightly to see if there was a link to the vaccine. It was proven to be unrelated. It just happens that the developmental delays showed up at that time of the child's life after receiving the vaccine. Does that make sense or do I need to word it differently?

There is a genetic component to autistic disorders and probable environmental triggers as there are states with higher incidence of autism. I believe CA and NJ have the highest but that is right off the top of my head so I could be wrong about the Jersey babies.


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