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I've been listening to some of this tonight and it sounds like Obama is trying to make it sound like nothing will change for those who want to keep their own insurance, but others are saying that is not so. The people against this plan say private plans will not be able to compete with this low cost government plan. One lady put it really well, the two plans being offered (I guess Obama's and the Democrats which she read) are great for "healthy" people just not great for sick people. Obama is saying all these diseases and medical conditions (diabetes, cancer, heart and lung problems, etc.) are preventable. He's not taking into account genetics, diseases like MS, etc... that people have no control over. I just found out I have lung cancer. I have never smoked a day in my life. Their is cancer however on both sides of my family. So where would I fit into Obama's plan if he's successful in getting it passed. Plus, they say (as usual) there are other things tacked onto this so-called wonder health care plan besides the health care that is costing this trillions of $.

Like Nate and others are saying, beware of these so-called "freebies". It looks like we'd be paying for them by giving up our freedom to "choose" what we want. By the way, it looks like the president and congress have excluded themselves from this wonderful health care plan from what I've heard. If it's so great, why aren't they leading the pack starting with the President by actually using it themselves.
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