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Originally Posted by Max
Better yes but its not like Fedor has fought scrubs. Fedor's out of Fedor's last 4 fights 3 have been tough opponents. AA and Tim are both former UFC champs and although Tim looks to be a shadow of his former self AA is still a solid fighter. Lindland is also a solid fighter who lost to rampage by split dec.

Also people seem to forget that Fedor beat Cro Cop, Nog (twice) and Coleman when all were performing at their best. Fedor never had a slip up like GSP did which is why Fedor is the best in the world.
People also seem to forget that GSP beat

Sherk(top of his game)
B.J Penn (twice) GSP is the only person on that list to defeat a top 5 p4p MAchida beat B.J but that doesn't count lol
Matt Hughes (Best WW ever)(twice)
koschek Out wrestled one of the best wrestling credentials in the WW division.
Jon Fitch(a fantastic fighter)
Thiago Alves(completely nullified him) He is also still considered #2 in the division.

Both records are impressive. I feel GSP has the better skill set compared to Fedor. Fedor has more punching power and finishes but styles make fights and I think if the same weight GSP's wrestling ability and sub defense would be the deciding factor if they fought.
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