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Originally Posted by Max
The thing is GSP lost to someone who was not even ranked in the top 20 of the WW div. Fedor's last loss came in dec of 2000. Not only that but Fedor's only loss should not have even been a loss. You wanna talk about domination, in Fedor's 30 MMA wins only 7 have gone to a dec (GSP has 6 dec in 19 wins). He finishes 76.66% of his fights, thats domination.
If you want to talk about recent losses you should also bring up opponents. GSP has fought the much tougher fights recently. sylvia and Arlovski have been on thedown slide since leaving the UFC.

Finishes aren't everything either.

Look at mayweather. He rarely finishes people anymore and he is still considered 1 of if not the best.

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