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Originally Posted by Crisco
1: He lost to Matt Serra and Matt Hughes and then avenged those losses. Convincingly

2: I'm sorry but some people actually enjoy watching a fighter completely dominate and destroy their opponents at everything including their strengths.

GSP's wrestling is second to no one in MMA. His ability to take down makes his striking awesome because people are afraid to let loose on him.

Fedor is the man there is no questions but I think If Fedor and GSP fought at the same weight and you took both of their skill sets that GSP would come away with the decision.
The thing is GSP lost to someone who was not even ranked in the top 20 of the WW div. Fedor's last loss came in dec of 2000. Not only that but Fedor's only loss should not have even been a loss. You wanna talk about domination, in Fedor's 30 MMA wins only 7 have gone to a dec (GSP has 6 dec in 19 wins). He finishes 76.66% of his fights, thats domination.
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