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Originally Posted by David_Banner
I think it came/comes down to mobility. Brock at 265/280 has the physical zip of a Welterweight while Frank seemed to be more physically impaired, if not a little awkward. I think weight can certainly make a difference but I think the way one carries the weight is what makes all the difference. To me, Frank looked just as heavy as Brock, except he was a little messy. It seemed like Frank put a lot of talk behind matching Brocks weight, which he thought would neutralize Brocks power, which in the end, I think it played against him,IMO.

I think Mirko will put on a good fight against Brock, both guys love to stand up so it should be interesting.
Actually, Mir came in about 10 pounds less for this fight. I think he thought being fit would make a difference, but it didn't. Mir's already said for his next fight with Brock, he's going to bulk to help deal with the power.
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