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Originally Posted by NateR
Well, I'm not a drinker either. But I did notice lots of guys in the Army who would just sit around and dream about being able to smoke pot again. They never mentioned cocaine or any other drug. So, for a drug that is supposedly non-addictive, they sure talked about it a lot. And these were different guys that I knew in different units over the course of years. I'm not basing this on just one or two conversations I've had with one guy. These were guys that I talked to and hung out with for years and they never could get over their preoccupation with pot.

And I don't think I need to do drugs in order to make observations on their side effects. Just because I'm smart enough to not try them in the first place doesn't disqualify me from having an opinion.
Nate, I did not say you were not entitled to your opinion. I just said that most people who make blanket comments on it's effects are usually wrong. As for those guys "dreaming" of smoking pot, I cannot comment on that. I don't see it as such a suprise that some guys who used to smoke pot would want to smoke it again. If they wanted to smoke that bad, maybe they should not have become soldiers? I never claimed it was "not-addictive", just that it is much less addictive than alcohol, which is legal.

As for forgetfulness, paranoia, and believing conspiracy theories, I have smoked a fair share in my time, and I am none of the things you listed. Good for you, you have never drank or smoked, but that dont mean that everyone who has is some sort of drugged up liberal zombie.
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