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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks
For me peronally, it's not what people do/smoke/drink, it's when they do things like get behind the wheel, get in a fight and or grab a gun.Things they wouldnt do sober. That's what concerns me.
So drink up, smoke 12 joints, party til ya puke.Just don't let it affect me.

I agree 100%, too many people cannot control themselves.

Which is why I don't advocate total legalization of pot. Without a doubt, some people are effected in weird and different ways by drugs, but most people who are "high" on marijuana don't get violent because of marijuana, they were violent to begin with. As for driving a car while high, that is just stupid, but yes people do it.

The point I was aiming at was really the idea that pot is this horrible drug that ruins peoples lives. It's just silly. People make choices, and some people are just stupid. When people use the argument that "it's still illegal", that is just a cop out for actual thinking. I would argue that alcohol is much more dangerous and ruins many more lives than pot, and yet alcohol is still legal. It's a stigma that is slowly diminishing, and I am willing to bet that within the next 20 years or so, we will see reform come to the federal marijuana laws.
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