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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
When people who have never smoked marijuana make blanket comments about it's effects they are almost always WRONG.

People who have addictive personalities and no self control are just as likely to become addicted to hard drugs no matter if they ever smoke weed or not. Marijuana is not nearly as addictive as alcohol, and arguably not nearly as dangerous, and yet most people who condemn it's use would just as easily stop for a beer at a local bar, or have a night-cap before bed.

Also, I have played in, worked at, and frequented a LOT of bars in the midwest and the southwest, and you are much more likely to get offered coke when out at a bar than you are pot. So whats the real gateway?
Well, I'm not a drinker either. But I did notice lots of guys in the Army who would just sit around and dream about being able to smoke pot again. They never mentioned cocaine or any other drug. So, for a drug that is supposedly non-addictive, they sure talked about it a lot. And these were different guys that I knew in different units over the course of years. I'm not basing this on just one or two conversations I've had with one guy. These were guys that I talked to and hung out with for years and they never could get over their preoccupation with pot.

And I don't think I need to do drugs in order to make observations on their side effects. Just because I'm smart enough to not try them in the first place doesn't disqualify me from having an opinion.
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