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Originally Posted by Chuck
I disagree Dawg...

I think it's obvious that brock lacks skill and I'm certainly not blinded by either jealousy or hatred. You can poses a skill (wrestling) and still lack skill as a mixed martial artist. That's why it's called Mixed martial arts....

You see it in other sports all the time... Barry Bonds?? He's not skilled imo.... he has a strength obviously (hitting for power) but not tremendously gifted on the field...

the best cross sports analogy for Brock IMO has always been Shaq... he has skill but I don't think you could call him skilled. (let it go JB!!!) He's done as well as he has based more on natural athleticism (not a skill) and genetics (also not a skill) then anything else. Is he a great player? Hell yeah. Skilled? Nope.

That's my problem with Brock or maybe more of a problem with his fans.... they admire and in some cases practically worship a guy who can attribute 90% of his MMA success to simply being bigger and stronger. I won't hold that against him but I can't give him credit for it either. I don't blame Brock for using his natural talents to his advantage but to me he would deserve less credit and less respect then a fighter who has spent years training in the different arts and honing his skills..

When Brock wins a fight... heck even a round using skill and not brute strength and size then I'll respect the guy... due to his attitude and lack of class however I'll probably never like him.

Like my thoughts towards the Diaz brothers... very, very highly skilled, amazing fighters... I have a ton of respect for their talent and skill.... but none for them as people.

My thoughts anyway...
Actually, it's called Mixed Martial Arts because the original premise is "What would happen if a boxer faced a wrestler or a BJJ fought a kick boxer, etc.?" The sport has evolved to the point where fans believe you have to be an expert in all areas in order to be successful, which is true in most cases.

Another reason people are upset is because Brock is demonstrating that his superior size, strength, and wrestling ability (not to forget those monster-sized fists) can bring victory without needing to submit your opponent, throw leg kicks, etc. It's still mixed martial arts, but the term has been redefined in the eyes of the fans. Granted, Brock's training to defend BJJ and learning to box, but when he puts anybody on their back, it's pretty much game over.

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