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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
lesnar is a beast no doubt ... but the size thing is very important ... think about the GSP/BJ fight ... the nite of the fight, GSP was about 185 and Bj 170 ish .. that is 15 pounds ... and GSP dominated him ... some people say BJ is better technical, i disagree .... he is better in BJJ and that is it .. but that 15 pounds was huge, GSP was able to control him ... now brock weighed 265 at the weigh ins and couture, mur, they weighed 220 and what 235-240? nite of the fight, brock was probably 280 or more ... that's 40-60 lbs ... that for sure is going to play a factor ...
I wish they would split the heavyweight division into heavyweight (205-230) and super-heavyweight (230-260). You are correct. The huge weight difference gives Lesnar an incredible advantage.
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