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Originally Posted by Jeff Crow
He would probably maul Mirko and I have been a fan of Cro Cops for a long time. He would have to land quite a few of those low kicks to try and set up that big high kick, which would be nearly impossible with Brock taking him down after a couple low kick attempts. We didn't even get to see any of those knees and forearm shots Lesnar can deliver from the clinch and on the ground. It's going to take a HW that is really good off his back to beat Brock right now. If he knows there is no threat from subs he is going to be even more aggressive. Sure there is a chance of a HW with big KO power to catch him but I just don't see it happening. If Brock gets hit with a big shot he's going to take them down and most lilely give himself time to recover(like after taking the knee from Mir) unless he is knocked cold which I don't see happening.

I'm just interested in seeing how Nog will look against Randy. If he looks like the old Nog, he could be a bad match-up for Lesnar and have one of the better chances to beat him. If Nog has really declined that much and looks like he did against Mir, he won't make it past Randy and would really get hurt against Brock.

Sorry I got a little off track with the original thread subject.
Even a Gonzaga would be a good matchup in my opinion. Apparently Dos Antos has a pretty good BJJ game. We'll see how he does against Mirko.
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