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Originally Posted by Liddellfan
Miguel Torres-WEC

Fedor is not on my list because he really did not have a tough fight in a long time. Once he starts winning against credible fighters maybe he will make the list.

I put Silva below GSP because he seems to not want to fight lately, where GSP goes after his apponent and dominates.
Your point is a joke.
You listed AS, who just fought Thales and Cote? Pfft.
Tim and AA > Thales and Cote by FAR.

When Fedor KOed AA, AA was on a 5 fight win streak against TOUGH guys.
AA was widely considered to be Fedor's biggest threat lately and a lot of people picked AA to win.

Also, when Fedor beat Tim, Tim had only lost to Nog and Couture in recent times, WTF is bad about that?
Tim was still a top 10 HW in the world, and a threat.

On the other hand, Thales and Cote aren't often ranked in any top 10 lists.
and weren't considered to be threats by many people at all,
those fights were both sort of jokes.
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