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IMO you cannot rank anybody above Fedor,
for several reasons.

For one, he has zero legitimate losses.
(google the story of his one loss, I won't explain it again)
He has faced everybody important in the HW division,
although seeing him fight Randy when he was on top would have been nice.
He also has beaten everybody in dominating and convincing fashion.

People rank GSP, but not only does he have losses,
but he isn't walking through guys, he is even being boring while winning.

AS, ehhhh.. He is good, but has had problems in his fights.
Lutter mounted him, Hendo held him down, and he hasn't been able to put guys away like he used to.

p4p means if everybody was the same weight who would be the best.
Do you guys honestly think the GSP and AS's we've been seeing would beat Fedor?
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