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If this event happens and has 50,000 seats, I think it has to have an exceptional opponent for B.J. Penn. Penn would be the selling point for an Hawaii event. It could be the "Thrilla in Manila" for MMA. I have nothing against Frankie Edgar or Guida; however, this fight would require a big name. There is some "bad blood" between Penn and GSP, so I think that could be an excellent seller for the UFC. I think I have seen quotes from Penn that he is interested in fighting Mr. Hughes again because of the beatdown he received in the last fight. Am I remembering correctly, that there was talk at one point of a Penn vs. Anderson Silva fight? The only problem with these fights is that if Penn lost the fight, there might be a riot in the stands! Perhaps, the UFC might take an opposite tack and give Penn an easy fight to almost guarantee a victory in front of such a huge partisan crowd.
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