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No to the Green Party/Assoc of State Greens
Definately NO to Libertarians...thats sounds bloody worse then Communism!
No to the America First Party to far Right for me
No to the American Party because I'd need to fully understand the impact of their trade and industry views
No to American Independent Party, its to racist for me
No to American Nazi Party its too far right for me
No to American Reform Party, if they cant run themselves they cant run the country
No to the Freedom Socialist Party...Femenism at its most twee
No to The Greens...Socialism and Green Issues...I dont think so
No to Labour...had enough of them in my own country
No to the Light party...they have no place in politics
No to National Socialist Movement...that arent Socialist if they hang with Nazi
No to the Objectivist Party...its just not practical
No to party for socialism and liberation...that kinda revolution would distroy American Imperialism
No to Peace and Freedom party...sounds like a load of hippies to me
No to Social Democrats...sounds like they've died a death anyway
no to Socialist party....probably to left for me, dispite what it says
No to Socialist Action, socialist equality, socialist labourand socialist worker. They all sound centrist enough in some areas...but put into practise they would end up communistic, to far left for me
No to US Marijuana...I dont do drugs.
No to the US Pacifists...I might be pacifistic...but they plan on basically distorying the working military...wont work.
No to Workers World...that truely must be communism
No to Democratic Socialists of America.
No to the Nazi Green Party...thats just a vulgar mix aint it
No to Pansexual...Honnestly...a political group about Sex...WTF
No to Progressive Labour...sounds to militant
No to Revolutionary Communism, to far left for me
No to Workers party, and no to world socialist party

The Third Party

Working Families Party is the only Socialistic party I might consider. The Independance Party needs a proper heirachy before it can be considered, Not sure about the Boston Tea Party I'm undecided about the Whig party, it depends exactly what Military Centrism actually is. I could be interested in the Prohibition Party if I knew more about it. Dont know about the Reform Party. The American Patriot Party, if they ever actually put forward candidates.

Well the constitution party doesnt seem so bad. Americas Independant Party sounds a hopeful also. Independant American Party also I think has potential Veterans Party of America is also in with a chance
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