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Originally Posted by Preach
And I'd like to be a million heir but dont see that happening
What about a toilet made out of solid gold? hahahaha.

As for Floyd, he's made these statements before, and you know what? I still really don't care. I've been training boxing for the last month, and already I'm considernig switching to an mma gym and leaving the boxing gym entirely. Boxing's challenging, and it is a science in some ways, but you know what? MMA is a far greater challenge, having to learn three different disciplines, not just one.

And Floyd won't ever fight because he knows this, and he knows he's way too late to learn the other two styles. Heck, in complete honesty, I'm sure more than a few of us here on the forums who've wrestled or done BJJ could beat Floyd if we get him in a clinch. He may hit hard, but the moment his back's on the ground he has nothing.
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